World Winds:Aromatic Cedar Ocarina Flute
World Winds:Aromatic Cedar Ocarina Flute

Aromatic Cedar Ocarina Flute

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Ocarina made from Aromatic Cedar.
These sound as good as they look.
And yes, the smell is beautiful, just like a Cedar Chest.

Wooden Ocarinas have a very nice tone,
and will not shatter like ceramic or clay.

Here is a sound example:

I make them better than I play them...

8-Hole Ocarina's are so easy to play,
you don't have to be a musician to play one. 

Finely tuned to the Major Scale.
Over one Octave range.
Size is 2.75"(70mm) x 1"(26mm). 

Hand rubbed Tung Oil finish.
Expect variations in wood grain.
No two look alike, in a good way.

The wood burned World Winds logo is the shorthand sign for 'protection from harm'.

Velvet carrying bag & fingering chart included.

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