World Winds:Wood Ocarina Flute made from Aged Cherry
World Winds:Wood Ocarina Flute made from Aged Cherry

Wood Ocarina in Cherry

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Cherry Ocarina

After shaping and tuning, I let these age
from a couple months to about a year.
Cherry darkens to a beautiful warm color
that really makes the wood glow.

I then finish with a hand rubbed Tung Oil finish,
locking in the color and protecting the wood.

8-Hole Ocarina's are so easy to play,
you don't have to be a musician to play one. 

Wooden Ocarinas have a very nice tone,
and will not shatter like ceramic or clay.

Check out a sound sample on Sound Cloud:


I make them better than I play them!

Finely tuned to the Major Scale.
Over one Octave range.
Size is approx. 5.5"(140mm) long.

Hand rubbed Tung Oil finish.

Expect variations in wood grain.
No two look alike, in a good way.

Will ship with the fingering chart in a velvet carrying bag.

The wood burned World Winds logo is the
shorthand sign for 'protection from harm'.