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Transverse Flutes ~
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~ Ocarinas ~
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General Questions are here:

Q: Do you offer returns?
A: Yes, within 30 days. Not all flutes are for
everybody. If it's not working for you, let me
know. We can exchange for another flute
that better fits your needs, or do a full refund.

Q: How do you ship?
A: USPS 1st class, Priority & Priority Express.
All carefully packed and fully insured.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. We have shipped to most countries in
the world. We declare international packages
as merchandise and do not require signatures.
If you have any special instructions, please let
me know before we ship.

Q: What wood finish do you use?
A: As of January 2017 I have switched from
Walnut Oil to Tung Oil. I still recommend using
Doctor's Woodshop Walnut Oil for maintenance.
Tung Oil is a true finishing Oil, while Walnut Oil is
best used for maintenance & cleaning.

The Tung Oil that I use is from Sutherland Wells,
and is 100% percent toxin free. It works great to
beautify and extend the life of wood and bamboo.

Q: Playing instructions for beginners?
A: Yes, I have included starter tips in the
Finger Chart section.

Q: Wholesale pricing for distribution?
A: YES. If you have a retail or online shop,
feel free to contact me so we can taylor a
program that best fits your needs. These
items are a real hit in craft stores, Yoga
studios, music stores and the like.

Q: Are these items safe for children?
A: As a father of 3, I can say that they are.
My shop is in my home, so I take that very
seriously. All materials used are non-toxic
and Earth friendly.

Q: Is this a green company?
A: Yes. I pride myself in having a 0% waste
workshop. All bamboo, wood and marble
dust is returned to the Earth
to fertilize my bamboo groves.

All toxic chemicals, solvents and cleaners
that you would normally see in a workshop
have been replaced with green alternatives,
(mostly Citrus Solvent).

This makes for healthier instruments
and healthier instrument makers!

Q: Outdoor use?
A: Everything I make can go outside. But,
nothing I make should stay outside, unless
you want it to look like your old wooden
fence or deck. The expansion and
contraction of outdoor weather, along
with rain & sun will weather your
instrument just like everything else.

If it gets wet, just dry it off with a paper towel.

If it gets very cold or very hot, allow it to
return to a normal temperature slowly.

Q: What's the deal with the logo?
A:  It's a simplified version of the 'protection
from harm" sign. The larger middle line is
supposed to be an arrow. And the smaller
lines are protecting you from it.

I hope it does so for you. 

 I have been making & selling musical
instruments for most of my life. This is a
family run operation and we stand
behind everything we do.

Buy with confidence.

Thank you,